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01 July 2006 @ 09:51 pm
What an awesome community! I'm glad someone finally started one.

I'm a huge fan of the first movie in particular, and even after all these years, I still hold it to the same respect I did when I was younger. The animation style is very soothing, since it's never too bright. After watching the first one and then going straight to The Great Valley Adventure, there's a huge difference in animation quality. The soundtrack is also superb, and it's one of the things that's stayed with me since I was little. I've discovered in the last year that I'm really addicted to the soundtracks from animated movies. But I digress.

Although the first movie is somewhat short, it's still probably my favorite movie. (I know I won't be ridiculed for that opinion here, at least.) I hope that they come out with an anniversary edition in 2008, and include some interviews and the footage they had to remove. I also heard that they'll be rereleasing it to theaters then, though I have no idea if that's true or not. Regardless, that'd be awesome!)

The only sad thing is to rewatch the sequels and realize the differences between them and the original. I try my hardest not to be a snob about it, but I still only really like the first six movies. If I had to choose which sequels I liked the most, I'd probably say The Great Valley Adventure and Journey Through the Mists. It always annoyed me that ALi never came back, since she was one of the best side characters.

I hope more people join so we can have more discussions about the movies. :D
lapislazulieyes on August 2nd, 2006 11:54 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the community! I'm the maintainer (with a new LJ name).
Thanks for posting and joining! I was hoping there'd be people out there that liked The Land Before Time.

I love the first movie as well. That's my favorite.

I started to watch the sequels as well and I too noticed the differences. They all seemed to follow a cookie-cutter format. It sort of got old.
Which is why I much perfer the first one.

I love the moments with Littlefoot and his mother. When I was little I'd cry and cry when she died. Very touching.